Landoll's Mohican Castle Loudonsville Ohio

Join us on an investigation of Landoll’s Mohican Castle where it is believed the land is cursed. What spirits are roaming the rooms and grounds of this beautiful lodge? Visit Heyd cemetery where a young girl is seen roaming through the tombstones. Who is she? Who is she looking for? Cottage 13 built in the 1800’s is believed to be haunted by the previous owner. Claims of disembodied voices and footsteps have been heard. Will the owner come and greet us during our stay? Civil war soldiers have been seen walking about the grounds and castle making themselves at home. Investigate the Pool house were once sat a German church that’s congregation split over what language would be spoken during service. Some of the congregation were so upset they dug up family members and moved on. Suddenly and unexpectedly the church burned down. Did digging up the graves awaken restless spirits? There are so many mysteries to this castle waiting to be unearthed. Join us July 14th as we try to solve who still resides at the Landoll Mohican Castle.

6th Precinct Detroit Michigan

Join us on an investigation of the 6th precinct in Detroit Michigan September 29th. The precinct first opened its doors in 1931 and was actively used until 2005. Many people spent their last days behind the doors of the precinct. Come hear the stories of its history and roam the halls and cells of this building. You will be some of the first to investigate this location. Who still resides inside these walls? Are there still officers continuing their duties from beyond the grave? Do inmates still claim the cells, waiting for eternity to be released? Join Dustin Pari from Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International along with the Weird Weekends crew for an unforgettable evening of adventure and entertainment.

The Olde Parke Hotel Ballinger Texas

Take a step back into the Old West with The Olde Park Hotel in Ballinger Texas.

it's history began in the 1800's and was used for numerous ventures. A bunkhouse, saloon, hotel, and a schoolhouse. It is believed that over 30 spirits still call this hotel home. Some of the claims range from disembodied voices, doors opening and closing, and full bodied apparations. The owners Dan and Connie LaFave are working diligently to restore the hotel to it's glory days. Join Chad Lindberg and the Weird Weekends crew November 3rd at this amazing location for an event to remember.