Join Adam Wcislek, Exie Smith, Brian Danhausen at the Dearborn Museum October 3rd for a Gallery Reading followed by a Ghost Hunt of the museum. All 3 psychic/mediums will be available for private Readings. Tickets are $50 each and ages 16 and up are allowed to participate with a parent/guardian. Gallery Readings will begin at 6pm followed by the Ghost Hunt at 9pm. Proceeds go to the Dearborn Museum.

Motor City Gallery and Ghost Hunt

Ticket purchase includes gallery reading with Adam Wcislek, Exie Smith, and Brian Danhausen. Followed by a Ghost Hunt lead by all 3 psychic/mediums, G.L.A.S Paranormal, and the Weird Weekends Crew. The Dearborn Museum is consisted of 3 buildings that will all be included in the investigation. Proceeds go to the Dearborn Museum


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